About US

Come as you are!

Our Values

Our Human Values

Here, we don’t care what you wear, who you love or who you worship (if anyone). We don’t care if you are vegan, vegetarian, pastafarian or an omnivore.

Here, we care about Respect. Respect Yourself, Other People, the Planet and Coffee (that’s the most important part).

Our Cooking Values

Here, we are inspired by the Seasons of the earth. We try to select fresh, seasonal, local, minimally processed ingredients. We use Organic when possible. Our eggs & chickens are free range. Most importantly, however, we want to cook fresh, delicious food for your every day!

Our packaging is compostable or recyclable. We compost.

If you have dietary restrictions (who doesn’t these days?) we are happy to listen and promise to try to adjust to your needs or offer suitable alternatives, as long as you ask nicely. Having said that, if you want a customized meal plan for your personal needs, don’t hesitate to talk to our Chef about your options.

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